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This web page lists websites offering free file hosting service for remote hosting of files - filetypes not usually supported by most free image hosts, yet not as wide-ranging as what most website hosting services would allow to be hosted.   The free file hosts in the directory list below allow free hosting of video files, audio/music files, Adobe Acrobat documents (PDF), and/or compressed archives such as ZIP files.   Generally these free web hosting services are operated on dedicated servers due to their popularity and high bandwidth usage required.  Click on the free filehost name to go to the review page where you can see more info, and read and leave reviews and ratings of each free file hosting web site.

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Free File Hosting Comparison

Fast-Files - is a free files hosting server allowing easy, anonymous uploading of any files up to a maximum file size of 500 MB (no login required). There is a box beneath the file uploader that has an upload progress bar which will show the upload time elapsed and estimated time remaining to finish uploading (useful for large files). All file extensions are allowed, and the free file host allows unlimited bandwidth and unlimited downloads. It features an AJAX upload form which updates dynamically, so the web site will not ever timeout if you are on a slow connection uploading. Hosted files will not be deleted until the web hosting server becomes full (the server disk drives currently have about 1.5 terabytes of file storage space), and then files will be deleted by priority as new files come in (the oldest files with the fewest downloads get deleted first). Files which are downloaded regularly never get deleted from the webserver. On the file download page, you have to enter a captcha code and then wait for a 20-seconds delay counter before you can download the file.

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