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Status: Removed from the database.
Either it is no longer free, is currently not functioning, or was removed for some other reason.

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Description: "File Lodge" provides free file hosting services of most filetypes. Allow users to freely upload and host up to 500mb of files on its server, with a maximum file size of 50mb each. Supports all file extensions except php, php3, php4, phtml, cgi, pl, asp, aspx, cfm, exe, html, htm, cmd, com, cpl, hta, pif, scr, bat, vbs. Powered by Uploader script version 6b2.4. Registration required to use the free file host. You can upload multiple files at the same time, and are given links for you to post on forums, webpages, blogs or any website or email. The uploader script also generates [img] tags for all images uploaded, allowing for easy image display on message boards. There is no bandwidth limit specified, but bandwidth is monitored and if they decide a file is using too many resources they may delete it. Uploaded files are not deleted by the server after any set time. has been aquired by (April 2006).

Date Added: Sep 2, 2005.
Last Modified: Apr 24, 2006.
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59 User Reviews of FileLodge

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Reviewed on: 2006-01-06   -   (IP: 69.146.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
I don't care what any one says, because for a FREE hosting site that has a WHOPPING 500 MB, it just don't get any better without having to pay for it. I go as far as to post a link on my MSN Space trying to get other people to sign up for FileLodge. On top of that they offer Hot Linking. THEY ARE THE BEST free site.

Reviewed on: 2006-01-03   -   (IP: 69.210.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
even though you have to click a few ads it is still better than every file hosting site out there.

Reviewed on: 2006-01-02   -   (IP: 84.66.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
MINT! this has to be the best uploadin thing ever! USE IT!

Reviewed on: 2005-12-27   -   (IP: 86.136.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
Quote from FileLodge's upload page over the past few days:

"IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have had to temporarily set the maximum file upload size to 2MB.

Our storage has been rapidly running out, and we are waiting for our suppliers to deliver a new storage unit. This is scheduled to be arriving sometime next week between 19th - 23rd December. The 50MB limit will be back as soon as the extra storage arrives.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, as we know a lot of you use File Lodge for music/video hosting, and your files are normally larger than 2MB. I hope you can bear with us for a few days. We will be making hardware upgrade orders much earlier in the future to prevent anything like this happening again.

This message will be removed as soon as everything is back to normal.

UPDATE: Well it's the 24th and the hardware still hasn't arrived, so it's looking like next week until we are 100% back on track. We're very sorry about this..."

Reviewed on: 2005-12-18   -   (IP: 84.147.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
Filelodge is a great file hosting website when it works. They have now upgraded their service and allow you up to 500MB of storage space for free. They have also just implemented a referral program to earn money. The only problem I have had with filelodge is that it takes a long time to upload MP3 files. At times it will take about 30 minutes to upload 3 MP3 files, only to receive a "The page cannot be displayed" error once the upload is done. When I check to see if the files even got uploaded, it turns out that I waited 30 minutes for nothing. I have also had problems with my MP3 files being uploaded partially instead of complete.

Reviewed on: 2005-12-14   -   (IP: 86.138.x.x)   -   Rated: 5
Very good when it's working but it doesn't all the time. Tonight (14th Dec) I can't even access their home page and just get red X's on my blog page instead of photos on it. This is happening too many times just lately.

[Their home page says they had a short downtime for a hardware upgrade.]

Reviewed on: 2005-12-06   -   (IP: 80.219.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
this is the best webspace ever seen!

Reviewed on: 2005-12-04   -   (IP: 200.62.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
new server increases:
Storage Space: 500 MB (increased from 300 MB)
Maximum File Size: 50 MB (increased from 10 MB)

Also hosted files are no longer deleted after 7 days, but now remain indefinitely (if they do not violate their TOS).

Reviewed on: 2005-12-02   -   (IP: 83.103.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
this is the best free filehosting site!

Reviewed on: 2005-12-02   -   (IP: 62.253.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
This is probably the best storage site I've seen. Maximum file size of 10MB is more than enough to remote host my Flash websites, and 400MB of storage means that I won't have to delete anything in a hurry. The email sign-up has been (so far) spam-free and there is an option to skip the advertising screens that appear sometimes. The upload rate isn't fantastic (averages around 12-15k/s for me), but downloads much faster. All in all, my experience of File Lodge has so far been a very positive one.

59 User Reviews of FileLodge

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