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Status: Removed from the database.
Either it is no longer free, is currently not functioning, or was removed for some other reason.

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Description: "Img Bucket" provides free image hosting service with hot linking allowed, and no signup needed. You can upload 1 picture file at a time via browser upload. You can upload personal pictures, ebay auction photos, message board photos, etc., to directly link to. 2MB upload size limit; No bandwidth or disk space limits, and no image branding. Images must be JPG format (you can upload BMP or GIF, but they are converted after uploading to JPG). "Our virtual server network is professionally managed and runs on stable linux kernels."

Date Added: Nov 4, 2004.
Last Modified: Nov 11, 2004.
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Average Rating:  8.14 / 10

Total Votes: 21

12 User Reviews of ImgBucket

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Reviewed on: 2005-04-11   -   (IP: 65.33.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
This website doesn't load now.

Reviewed on: 2004-12-28   -   (IP: 83.249.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
It's great! Hotlinking is allowed, easy uploading, and the pics seam to stay forever! I will never stop to use this free hosting service!

Reviewed on: 2004-11-22   -   (IP: 68.144.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
its cool cuz sometimes i need to upload a BMP file and they do that PLUS convert it to a JPG.

Reviewed on: 2004-11-13   -   (IP: 24.127.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
this is a really great uploading site. it's the only one i actually like!

Reviewed on: 2004-11-13   -   (IP: 65.33.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Wow. This is great for my ingame screen shots and Ebay auctions. 100% Free with 2.0MB upload cap! and fast.

Reviewed on: 2004-11-12   -   (IP: 24.67.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
Not bad. the 2MB limit is better then Photo's 250k and I can upload clearer pics. Also I dont have to worry about them locking it after a certain bandwidth useage w00t

Reviewed on: 2004-11-09   -   (IP: 82.32.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Great Host.

Reviewed on: 2004-11-07   -   (IP: 69.110.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Fast host, I reccomend it!

Reviewed on: 2004-11-06   -   (IP: 144.118.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
Uploaded a PNG file and it says:
"Error: Bad file type. Valid file types are: gif,jpg,png,tiff and bmp."

Reviewed on: 2004-11-06   -   (IP: 62.55.x.x)   -   Rated: 6
not bad at all

12 User Reviews of ImgBucket

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