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Status: Removed from the database.
Either it is no longer free, is currently not functioning, or was removed for some other reason.

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Description: Free image hosting service for Internet users that need a place to store pictures of their auction and classified ad items. You can use your browser to upload an unlimited number of images to your account. This host provides another image with a link to your image on their site (no direct hotlinking). Limitations: Each image must be for an active auction or classified ad; GIF or JPEG files only; File size limit 250 KB.

Date Added: Nov 18, 2003.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2003.
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Reviewed on: 2004-03-14   -   (IP: 80.4.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
I have used My Item picture hosting services for several years. I think it is a great service of value to anyone who wants the best posible exposure for items placed on sale in web auctions.  I have had no problems at all with this service and particularly appreciate the fact that I can prepare all my auctions offline, go to my item, upload pictures, place an auction and copy the HTML to clipboard.  Then I go to AOL and complete the auction in a couple of minutes!  I have, apart from this morning when the site appears to be down, had no problems with speed, reliability or support.  A great job fellas, keep it up! I have already commended your sevice to others!

Reviewed on: 2003-11-21   -   (IP: 66.74.x.x)   -   Rated: 7
Ignore the "heavy load" message after completing signup, and login anyway. they really want hosting images for auctions only. Hosted images expire in a few weeks. It supports: jpg, gif, png files.

2 User Reviews of MyItem

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