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Reviewed on: 2007-02-25   -   (IP: 69.207.x.x)   -   Rated: 6
They offer a lot, but so far I am very unimpressed with their support. They advertise 24/7/365 support, but I have been waiting for responses to 3 different support tickets on each of 3 priority levels (Low-Medium-High) and have received no responses. It is important to me, as it deals with data base/IP addresses and how to configure access to osCommerce (either their application installation which I can not acess due to the Register Globals thing, or the version I uploaded and repaired). I feel if they had a FAQ page, this would help greatly. I would give them a much higher rating if their support were better. They do offer very much without charging anything.

Reviewed on: 2007-02-07   -   (IP: 69.107.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
I am very happy with 8888mb, especially so since they have a new server, and this has added to making things much faster. Their website was recently sold on the marketplace auction forum.

Reviewed on: 2007-01-20   -   (IP: 68.183.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
They deliver what they promise, and their free web hosting servers seem to work quite fast.

Reviewed on: 2007-01-19   -   (IP: 66.222.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
First I, being one of the few people who actually wants to know what I am agreeing to on registration, clicked the TOS link, and it was broken (error 404 - no such file name). Then I registered and got the following error when I tried to do registration step 2:
Fatal error: Failed to mkdir(/www/ in /var/wkscript/functions.php on line 195.

Reviewed on: 2007-01-15   -   (IP: 64.246.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
Their home page says you get 10 GB of free web hosting space and 100 GB of date transfers, but the control panel reports it is 8,888 MB (about 9 GB freespace) and 18,888 MB monthly (about 19 GB -- virtually "unlimited" bandwidth as far what most free websites would ever need). You can create 3 My SQL data bases, and use php My Admin SQL interface. Their free server was recently down for 3 days while they were transfering to new servers. They seem to be still working a few minor bugs out of the system (the instant registration did not work at first, but now does).

PHP5 works okay (PHP version 5.1.6), and this is one of the fastest free php hosts I have tested, possibly due in part because the web server is still very new, so probably has few freehosting accounts so far compared to other freehosts. The LayeredPanel cpanel will log you out if it is idle for a few minutes, which is a bit annoying, but otherwise is fairly nice and userfriendly... other than their install seems a bit buggy -- for example, the "account settings" link consistently crashed my browser (maybe it just crashes Linux FireFox; I did not try in Windows IE, which most people would probably use). I did not have that problem on other free hosts that use the scripts.

You can use the "Application installer" in the control panel to install these simply:
- 4images
- Coppermine gallery
- ZenCart shopping cart
- cutenews
- Xoops
- Mambo
- bBlog
- sBlog
- gallery
- MyBB
- tikiwiki
- Nucleus
- Joomla
- phpBB2 forum
- wikiwig (wiki script)
- osCommerce shopping cart
- wordpress blog
- UseBB forum
- MyLittleForum message board

There is a red textlink at bottom of free webpages that says " - FREE PHP & MYSQL HOSTING", but no ads otherwise.

Reviewed on: 2007-01-12   -   (IP: 213.114.x.x)   -   Rated: 4
This is a new host, I gather, because there are many errors in the CP, slow connection, etc. It all sounds good when you read about it, but not much works. As a matter of fact, I very much doubt they have all space and bandwidth they claim. This is supposed to be a free web space hosting service (with banners), but not long after signing up you get a letter where they ask the costumers to give them money.

Reviewed on: 2006-12-29   -   (IP: 208.33.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
It runs on fast webserver, and offers huge space and monthly webtraffic limit with top and footer ads. However there are 2 defects:

1. Too much file extensions restriction. I understand media files may slow down the server. ok, that is nothing. However .log extension is also forbidden, but .log extension is essential to some scripts.

2. After extracting zip files in layered panel, the unzipped files can not be chomoded through ftp because the extracted files owner is different than that of ftp.

Reviewed on: 2006-12-26   -   (IP: 90.240.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
The best free php hosting server I have seen. Their services are run on a powerful dedicated server, and they provide 24/7 live technical support. Thanks for creating this free host site!

Reviewed on: 2006-12-23   -   (IP: 70.146.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
I thought it was pretty good, and that it allowed a lot of free file space, however there were some file types that it did not allow (specifically, .ppt, which is essential for the web site that I am trying to upload), and I would have appreciated it if they had made it known that it would not work before I signed up.

Reviewed on: 2006-12-21   -   (IP: 172.200.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
Although the FTP access to this webhost is buggy at times, and very slow, offers very fast webhosting. They are brand new, so they do not have many users, which is good for speed. I had a few problems with their file manager, which my report ticket for has not been answered, after a week. My website uses a complex php script, which works fine on 8888mb. On user pages they place one 728X90 Google Ad, which is not too bad for the free space. Also, they somtimes place a second one at the bottom of the web page, but this is only very occasionally, about 5% of the time. Their maximum file size is 3mb, which is great, as many other hosts only give you a 500KB limit. Overall, they are a good host, but possibly, when they have more users, they might lose the advantages they have over others.

Reviewed on: 2006-12-21   -   (IP: 81.82.x.x)   -   Rated: 6
The control panel crashes. It claims to offer 10 GB of free web hosting space and 100 GB of data transfers (virtually unlimited space and monthly bandwidth for most websites), but why do you not allow to upload pdf or avi files?

Reviewed on: 2006-12-20   -   (IP: 172.200.x.x)   -   Rated: 5
At first this host was a dream come true. It was absolutley perfect! They provided fast and effecient service, with only a single banner that was perfect for my website. However, they do not allow a lot of file tyoes, including MOV and ICO and also .htaccess. Recently their file manager crashed on me, and their ftp has shutdown. I am comletely unable to upload any files or anything, and my PHP website has stopped working. I would give my url, but it would come up with nothing. I have made a support ticket, and if 8888mb fix my problems, then I will update this review. I think this host is linked to 9999mb, a host that also offers loads of free web space, but has a lot of problems with uptime.


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