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Visit: Miarroba
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Interests: Language: Spanish.
Free Web Space: 100 MB.
Forced Ads: Popup + Button.
Your Ads: Allowed.
Upload: FTP, Browser.
Editor: -
Scripting: PHP.
Pre-Scripts: Script collection.
Your URL: Subdomain.
Other Features:
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free Web Statistics.
  • WAP.
  • Web-based Email.
  • Maximum File size limit 1 MB.
  • MySQL database, PHP5.
  • Custom error 404 page.
  • Create up to a maximum of 5 free webspaces with a single registered user account.
Date Added: September 30, 2003.
Last Modified: November 6, 2018.
Features Rating: 76   (out of possible 0 to 125 points)
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Average Rating:  5.73 / 10

Total Votes: 11

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6 User Testimonials/Reviews of Miarroba

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Reviewed on: 2005-05-12   -   (IP: 200.65.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
this site is very slow, not work many times, an you need 100 visits for week. but the counter not work many times.

Reviewed on: 2004-08-27   -   (IP: 200.191.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
Ridiculous... I had my web there in a long time when quality really counted for them...but when they became crazy about gain  money, they lost their quality! They also don't hear you when you need support. The counter really doesn't fair visits counts and the server sometimes goes down. Bandwidth is good, but the new ad is ridiculous and makes the pages ugly and slow... Mi@ is dead now...unhappily

Reviewed on: 2004-08-07   -   (IP: 168.226.x.x)   -   Rated: 5
I would like to add that there's a required number of visits per month (I think it's 100, but I can't recall). If you do not get that amount of visits, the site is blocked and deleted. It's not a high number, but several users (me included) have complained that the counter of hits does not work properly, registering much less visits (and is not a question of ip control).

Reviewed on: 2004-01-23   -   (IP: 196.29.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
It's a good host, it maybe slow but just depending on your ISP or location, on some countries it maybe slow. MySql works fine, sometimes it's down and the message "Can't connect to MySql database" comes up, but it works fine. Their pop-up just opens after 24H, it means it will only open one time each day, it works like a pop-up just on the first page. Miarroba is also a cool interactive website, good support on forums, pre-installed scripts, and much more i think.

Reviewed on: 2003-10-07   -   (IP: 219.137.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
One of the best hostings (for spanish users)
There are 10,000 webs hosted there!!!

Positive Aspects:
Pre-Installed scripts (forums, guestbooks, polls, counters, etc)
Subdomains, if you dont like ***
Unlimited Transfer (No limit)
Good Support in forums
1 MySQL db

Negative Aspects:
1 MB File Size limit
The FTP has a limit of 25 users

Would you recommend this free host?
Yes, for newbies

How long have you used this free webhost?
1 month

Has this host been reliable (approximate % downtime if known)?
15% (nothing is perfect...)

Is the host fast or slow?
Sometimes is veryyyy slow.

Reviewed on: 2003-10-02   -   (IP: 200.76.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
server crashes every time and if is not down it's too slow.
transfer isn't unlimited; it's really 1gb a month (you can get over that limit though).

6 Customer Comments/Reviews of Miarroba

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