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This web host was removed from our database, possibly (usually) because it is no longer a free or operating service, or is not accepting new users at this time, but could have been removed for other reason(s). If any of the user ratings and reviews of users were saved, they will be listed below.

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Reviewed on: 2005-06-01   -   (IP: 67.163.x.x)   -   Rated: 5
I'm in the same boat as the other person with the activation problem. As for the person who said this site is masquerading under different names; they are also (you may laugh now). Actually figured that out when I filled out the forgot my password form and the email I got was from them.

Reviewed on: 2005-06-01   -   (IP: 24.197.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
Click on confirmation e-mail, it says already activated. Sign in, it says click on confirmation e-mail, you are not activated. Circular failure. Annoying, waste of time. You get what you pay for as usual.

Reviewed on: 2005-06-01   -   (IP: 195.33.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
I signed up a week ago, but have never received any email with my login information. I cannot retry the sign up process with the same domain name, since they tell me then that this domain is already in use. No support for this kind of question is available. This stinks!

Reviewed on: 2005-05-30   -   (IP: 70.80.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Fast. 200MB + all types of files + no limits of size files. What could I ask more for a free hoster? Thank you so much, continue to be serious! I'll speak about this host with my friends. Sometimes BIG slowdowns to upload but I tried later and it was fast again.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-26   -   (IP: 81.218.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
Registeration was quick, received a confirmation e-mail with an activation link, clicking it sent me to a website that told me that I have already activated my account (even though I haven't yet), trying to log-in gives me a message that I need to activate my account... I'm at a gridlock. HORRIBLE!

Reviewed on: 2005-05-23   -   (IP: 132.199.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
Wants credit card number. Offer is officially only a "trial".

Reviewed on: 2005-05-22   -   (IP: 24.10.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
THIS IS BAD. I have tried alot of free hosts out there and when I tried this one I was appalled. When I signed up it asked me for private stuff that no sign up sheet should ask for. When I tried to log in with the log in information they gave me it just going back to the same page and would not log me in. This is a horrible host and I would suggest you go with someone else.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-19   -   (IP: 67.42.x.x)   -   Rated: 3
The sign up was quick and easy for me, but then they didn't set up the DNS (to allow access to the web site) until the next day. It appears that they review the site and then choose which ones to host. What a bother.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-17   -   (IP: 68.109.x.x)   -   Rated: 3
Packed full of features that mostly don't work. Very unreliable servers. Pages down 85% of the time.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-14   -   (IP: 201.0.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Perfect! Fast, good is a best server what i finder!

Reviewed on: 2005-05-14   -   (IP: 81.227.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
Wow! This is the best free web service I've ever tested (and I've tested a lot of other free services)! The things that make this a great service is that you have a lot of special features like unlimited number of databases, SSL, PHP, chat and a lot of installable features like photo albums, blogs, communities and CMS (located under Fantastico in your cpanel). I Recieved my account information only seconds after I completed their submit-form and had instant access to the cpanel and FTP! Nice work!

Reviewed on: 2005-05-08   -   (IP: 216.153.x.x)   -   Rated: 8
Looks cool, but when I signed up it wouldn't allow me to continue without PRIVATE info such as address and phone number.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-08   -   (IP: 212.138.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
it's the best free hosting for any beginner who wants to learn about website designing.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-06   -   (IP: 69.221.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
their system must have been hacked because their server is blanked.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-06   -   (IP: 80.205.x.x)   -   Rated: 10
This is the perfect site for the guy who wants a little pro functionality on his site. For the guys who are complainin. Do note its a new web hostin company. give them time to settle. I know more established web hostin companies with high ratings who give less. I believe if you need more functionality it would only fair if you pay for it.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-05   -   (IP: 209.29.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
I agree with the other reviews -- the site is nonfunctional. It allows various countries but only allows American zip codes, and even when everything seems ok, and is ok, you get the message, "Sorry, something went wrong trying to create the account." It can't even get its name right in its title tag: SpotQucik - Quality FREE Hosting! It should be SpotQuick, not Qucik. I don't have their names right now, but there are one or two identical sites masquerading under different names.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-04   -   (IP: 24.12.x.x)   -   Rated: 2
This website host is nonfunctional. When you try to sign up, you have to go through the information input drudgery and then BOOM!! "This account coud't be created" [sic]. They don't even spell their title right. Very bad. Unprofessional.

Reviewed on: 2005-05-01   -   (IP: 69.221.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
it has lots of disk space but whats the point when two thirds has to be webpages? "Servers are not to be used for the hosting or serving of file downloads. Any site with traffic or disk usage consisting more than 33% of file downloads (non html traffic) may be suspended."


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