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This is an online bandwidth calculator (with explanation of how it works) where you can estimate the amount of web traffic, in gigabytes per month, that your web site will need from a web hosting server.

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The estimation of web traffic (bandwidth) requirements can be figured by a simple mathematical formula based on the anticipated number of monthly pageviews and the average size of the web pages, including all images, video files, etc. that will be downloaded for the requested webpage (cached files may not need to be downloaded for additional viewed web pages). Every webpage view or file download by a visitor or yourself increases the monthly running bandwidth total by the size of the requested files (often file uploads are also included in your data transfer total).

The monthly bandwidth estimate formula is:


where the math forumula's parameters are defined as:

  • EXPECTED MONTHLY PAGEVIEWS: Estimate of the number of webpage views you expect each month on your website.
  • AVERAGE PAGE SIZE: The average pagesize can vary depending on the filesize of images, animations, external CSS and JavaScript files, etc. The larger the web page and all its files are, the slower your web page will load. It is recomended to keep the total combined size of the files for a web page less than 50 or 60 KB (kilobytes) so it will load fast for all users (not everyone has broadband Internet access or a fast ISP).
  • FUDGE FACTOR: This is a multiplier greater than 1 for safety precaution to make sure there is enough bandwidth beyond just the minimal amount expected. "2" is probably a good fudgefactor. Keep in mind some web hosting servers also add other webtraffic of your webhosting account to the total bandwidth, such as SSH and FTP transfers, POP3 and Web-based email, and your own web traffic in the control panel and file manager when uploading or editing files.

Technically 1 GB = 1024 MB, and 1 MB = 1024 KB, but as many webhosts do (and for the sake of rounding the calculations to make them easier to read), the calculations in the free online webmaster tool / script above use a conversion factor of 1 GB = 1000 MB, and 1 MB = 1000 KB.

Also see definition: bandwidth.


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