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Free Hotlinking Checker - Online script to test your hosting server's hot linking protection, or if instead your images are susceptible to "leeching" and "bandwidth theft".

Free Website Bandwidth Calculator - A free online webmaster tool to estimate the amount of web traffic, in gigabytes per month, that your web site will need from a web hosting server.

Metatag Generator - Online script to generate metatags for your HTML pages.

Free Statistics - Download a free PHP script to record and view daily website page views (hits) for statistical tracking.

Free Website Templates - Several resources offering free web site templates and graphics.

Domain Name Tools - Several resources offering Whois (show domain name details), expired domains (search and lists), search engine placement tools, and domain name generators.

Free Domain Names - Where to get your free top-level domain names.

Domain name registration price comparison chart - Compares registrars to register your domain names for the lowest price.

Free web hosting related websites - Lists free web space hosting directories and other useful resources for free websites.


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