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Cobranded Free Web Hosting

There are several free web hosting providers that offer co-branded freehosting services -- that is they allow other domain names by third parties to offer free web hosting using their web hosting services and software. Below are the most popular ones, with details of each, and link to a list of some cobranded free web hosts for each type.

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Free cPanel Reseller (FreeCpanelReseller)

FreeCpanelReseller offers four webhosting reseller plans, with overselling enabled and remote API supported: a free WHM cPanel paid-hosting-only reseller account, and 3 paid plans which allow offering freehosting services, as well as also having paid hosting clients. You can use this to start a free or paid webhosting business. Their service is fully compatible with WHMCS and other cPanel compatible account creation tools, including the cPanel Remote Key API.

The free (and paid) custom webspace hosting accounts offered by "Free cPanel Reseller" feature up to 4000 GB data transfer per month (bandwidth limit), up to 150 GB disk space for Domain Name or Subdomain, file uploads via FTP or browser (cPanel) file manager, PHP5 and CGI/Perl, MySQL databases, Webmail, PHPmail, custom error pages, password-protected directories and files, instant freehosting account activation, cronjobs support, and Softaculous php scripts installer.

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This is a service where you can easily become a free hosting company. Freehosts powered by are run on the same dedicated server cluster as ByetHost. On both reseller plans available (Standard and Ultimate) you have full control over your home page via FTP, though you are required to leave a link to their paid webhosting service. In the "reseller" control panel there is a module where the freehosting reseller can add their own advert code which is automatically placed onto your customers' free web sites at the footer. By default, when a new reseller account is set up, it is automatically setup with their adverts (468x60 banner), but by using the advert control you can clear the ads completely by entering a blank-line html code (to offer bannerless free web space hosting), or add your own advertisement code (note, it takes up to 10 minutes for the change to take effect, and may not be seen if you do not clear your browser cache). The freewebhosting reseller service has no fees other than requiring customers to purchase a domain name from them as a set-up fee costing either $2.99 for a .info domain name or $8.99 for a .COM domain. You can also try it as a free trial by using their free sub-domain,, and offering your visitors free web sites on the same subdomain.

The freewebspace hosting accounts offered by "My Own Free Host" feature up to 300 MB web space for Domain or Subdomain, uploading files via FTP or browser file manager in VistaPanel control panel, web traffic statistics, PHP, MySQL databases, add-on domain names to host additional domains on the same account, POP3 and Web-based E-mail, up to 10 GB monthly data transfer (bandwidth limit), no filesize limitation, password-protected files, instant account activation, and a collection of scripts that can be easily installed with just a few clicks in Vista Panel, similar to the Fantastico script installer for cPanel.

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ResellerCluster / Reseller Cluster

This is another service where you can very easily become a free web hosting company to offer freehosting to your website visitors. It is run by the owners of AwardSpace, one of the top-rated freehosts. There are no fees or any charges, so anyone can freely obtain a free reseller hosting account and start earning money instantly by putting ads on your own website or those of the hosted free web sites who register from your site (either your own domain name, or a sub-domain of You can use any advertising company (such as Google AdSense or Adbrite) as long as their advert formats are compatible with the ad space on your freehosting store's predefined header.

The free webspace accounts offered by "Reseller Cluster" offer users 150 MBs online file storage space on a domain name or subdomain, 4 GB monthly bandwidth limit, CGI/Perl, MySQL database, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Server Extensions, FTP client or browser-based uploads, POP3 E-mail and Webmail, filesize limit of 500 KB, free website traffic statistics, and instant freehosting activation.

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0Catch (also known as ZeroCatch) Partners have the oppurtunity to become their own free web page host without providing any hardware or doing any tech support for their users. 0Catch Partners receive 50% of the banner ads generated by the member pages (excluding error pages), and 25% of all paid upgrade subscriptions after 10 paid signups. Partners are also given banner-free web space to host their domain name. All the pages you need are generated automatically, but you can customize them as needed. You can email all your users, and edit and delete user accounts. Other features include statistics such as banner totals, user signups, and bandwidth usage. The partnership costs $14.95 per month and entitles you to all the web hosting benefits of their $6.95/month upgrade. Domains can change the MX record for email, so a few of the partners also offer free email services via another third-party company.

The free web hosting offered by 0Catch partners (and 0Catch also) features 100 MB space for Domain or Subdomain, forced banner at top of free web pages and/or popup on your pages, upload via FTP or browser, statistics, file size limit 1 MB, bandwidth limit 1,200 MB/month, password-protected files, and a collection of scripts.

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Community Architect

The co-branded partnership is free. As a co-branded partner, you receive 50% of the banner space at the top of the member's web pages, and you also receive revenue when your members select one of the three member upgrade options. Premier partnerships start at $49.95 per month and enable you to have 100% ownership of the banner space or to remove the banners completely, and also the Community Architect (previously known as NorthSky) logos.

The free web hosting offered by Community Architect partners features 50 MB webspace for Subdomain, forced banner on top of your pages, upload via browser (and site-copier), ISML scripting, file size limit 256 KB, bandwidth limit 1,000 MB/month (1 GB), and a collection of scripts. Most provide email forwarding, and some may have other email service such as web-based.

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More Cobranded Free Webhosting

Previously popular cobranded free web hosting services that have ceased operating in the last few years include Portland, Wigloo/Megagiga, Muttle, Facternet, Excelland, and Homestead. Two new ones are (offers 1GB space and 50GB of bandwidth with a 50MB maximum file size limit; by the previous owner of Muttle), and YouHosting (offers 10 GB web space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth).


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