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Interests: Personal, Business.
Free Web Space: 50 MB.
Forced Ads: Banner-Top.
Your Ads: Allowed.
Upload: Browser, SiteCopy.
Editor: Advanced, Basic.
Scripting: ISML.
Pre-Scripts: Counter, FormMail, Guestbook.
Your URL: Subdomain.
Other Features:
  • Email Forwarding.
  • Multiple accounts allowed.
  • 60-days Inactivity limit.
  • File size limit 256 KB.
  • Bandwidth limit 1,000 MB/month.
  • Cobranded by Community Architect.
Date Added: July 25, 2002.
Last Modified: November 6, 2018.
Features Rating: 14   (out of possible 0 to 125 points)
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Reviewed on: 2007-10-22   -   (IP: 124.7.x.x)   -   Rated: 7
This is really a decent platform where you can publish yourself online. For some odd reason, the CommunityArchitect site no longer offers free sub-domains on its own domain name (only your own domain name if you have one), and you have to use one of their partners (co-branded hosts) to use their subdomain. To make things even more confusing, now some of the large networks, like, do not list the subdomain you are visiting as a choice of subdomains anymore (only the other other subdomains in their network; you have to visit one of their other sites to sign up at that domain name).

Reviewed on: 2007-09-18   -   (IP: 72.71.x.x)   -   Rated: 4
FreeHomepage has hosted our small site for about 4 years with no problems. I got free hosting with the purchase of our domain name through them, and no advertising on my web pages - just right for a small non-profit organization.  But starting about a month ago we stopped being able to access our email. As of last week we cannot log-into cpanel, and there has been several down days spread out through the summer. I have gotten no replies to our requests for help. If they are discontinuing our service it would be nice to get an email instead of leaving us hanging in the wind. It is good to see how you have helped/replied to other reviewers.

Reviewed on: 2007-08-22   -   (IP: 63.174.x.x)   -   Rated: 5
I have had seven sites with this host for several years and was more than happy with it. I upped the ante and paid for having no ads, which is not much but is a factor for those non-profit organizations. Lately, though, I am very saddened by the downtime over the past six to eight months (close to 11 solid days out of 20 this month alone) and their total lack of response to e-mails (no read receipt return, either) and complaint forms. Their posted phone number was answered by a woman who hung up on me, then rang with no answering machine and later was busied. This is not what I would come to expect of them - in the past they'd gone out of their way to be patient and helpful. I do not know what has happened, but I regret to say that I am no longer recommending them and am now seeking other hosting solutions. I gave them a 5 rating being hopeful that they might return to their earlier reliability.

Reviewed on: 2007-05-19   -   (IP: 68.225.x.x)   -   Rated: 6
HELP! Please somebody out there, help me! I do not know what has happened to my site (a domain name hosted by, one of the cobranded hosts) or even to the main disneyfansites homepage and site. I have been with disneyfansites for 7 years now, and have never had a problem. But now all the sudden my website is gone, as is the co-branded freehosting site itself and all its subdomains. I have not been contacted regarding a shut down or anything, and I can not find any way to contact them. I will die if all of my work is gone. Does anybody know what happened, and is there anything I can do? Please post a reviews here if you can help.

[DISNEYFANSITES seem to have closed their website. The DISNEYFANSITES DNS nameservers are still pointed at the same NORTHSKY.COM name servers, but their domain name expired from the REGISTERFLY registrar and is still under the redemptionPeriod status, so it is unlikely anyone will be able to register it again for a while. It is always strongly recommended to keep backups of your website. You could check the Google cache and the Wayback Machine site for cached webpages of your previous website.]

Reviewed on: 2007-05-02   -   (IP: 202.154.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
5 years ago they were great, and I supported them 100%, but now I agree with other users here that they are literally holding my website hostage with terrible pop-ups that take over your browser and corrupt it, forcing you to shut down the computer and start again. I am not sure if they implant any viruses or other malware, but it is really invasive! It even lies to you in some of the pop-ups saying your email is wrong and please send again.

Reviewed on: 2007-04-23   -   (IP: 68.187.x.x)   -   Rated: 4
They were good for a few years (though I felt compelled to pay my way out of having their ads up on my free web site). However, apparently they were bought out by someone who now holds my domain hostage. They refuse to even discuss any services related to my domain name. They will not answer the phone, they will not answer my emails, and they will not give me my domain name back.

Reviewed on: 2007-01-10   -   (IP: 82.44.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
This web host started off very well, and I have had a free homepage with them for a long time (on a sub-domain of, but over the last year the forced adverts have become obtrusive so much so it has been hard to even browse the site. Also I have had the same problem as the last review poster. I am unable to login to edit my site, as the member login link does not work now. I have been in touch with the United Online Company who run Freeservers / 50megs / myfoolmoon /, plus a few more, and they say they can see my site in their browsers and tell me to go to the freeservers home page to login. sorry, but it does not work. So it looks like I have a website that is no good to anyone. If they do not want to offer a free webspace service, why not say so?

Reviewed on: 2006-11-12   -   (IP: 203.51.x.x)   -   Rated: 9
I have had my free website hosted for quite a while by them on, and have found it quite suitable for my needs, but I have been trying to edit it and have not been able to. Could someone point me in the right direction please. Someone set this free web site up for me, and I no longer am in contact with that person. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[Go to their home page (same as, and click on "Member Login" at the top of the webpage.]

Reviewed on: 2006-11-06   -   (IP: 58.105.x.x)   -   Rated: 3
I only had the free web hosting version, but it was terrible! So many adds, and sometimes when you try to go to your website, they would automaticaly redirect you to an ad page, and you could not find out how to get back to your website. :-( And I would regularly get cookies from places like "Tribal Fusion" and other add servers, just from visiting my own website!

Reviewed on: 2006-06-01   -   (IP: 24.144.x.x)   -   Rated: 1
This host is horrible. If you want a professional website from them free you have come to the wrong place. YOUR WEB PAGE IS COMPLETLY SURROUNDED WITH ADS, one on top, one on bottom, and one to the right (probably the left soon). I emailed them and asked them a question, and they never answered. Sometimes also when you go to it the website will just redirect you to an ad rather than your web site.

46 Customer Comments/Reviews of Community Architect (FreeWebspace)

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